On this site you can find out all about the services offered by Cambridge based professional Health Consultant Peter Farnsworth.

Peter G. FarnsworthPeter is a fully qualified and registered professional hypnotherpist and iridologist and ran the ‘Cambridge Mind And Body’ practice.

In his work, Peter uses a unique approach in helping his clients with physical, emotional or psychological challenges. In hypnotherapy, he combines the use of hypnosis with EFT and NLP along with iridology to assess and treat his clients in a way that is simple, highly effective and long-lasting.

Peter has been in practice in Cambridge as a professional health consultant since 1994. He has also worked alongside doctors in two large NHS clinics in King’s Lynn, Norfolk.

Over his years of practice, Peter has treated hundreds of clients for a wide and varied range of health issues. From digestive disorders to skin irritations, from migraines to back problems, from panic attacks to depression, from fears and phobias to anorexia and bulimia….the list is endless!

Treatments offered are designed to meet the unique and individual needs of his clients. Psychological issues are addressed through hypnotherapy (EFT, NLP and hypnosis), whilst physiological issues are effectively assessed and treated through the use of iris analysis (iridology) and a wide range of treatment guidance and recommendations. These can include: dietary advise, naturopathic techniques, herbal medicine, reflexology, etc.

Simply explore the various pages of this site to see and hear more about the services offered. Then just go to the contact page to contact Peter either for a telephone chat or to book a free consultation in Cambridge.